Thursday, August 23, 2012


Online Health Expert Dr. Harish Malik’s Elite Tutoring Service: One-on-One tutoring in Kingwood, Houston, TX; and Globally Online via Skype for Distant Learners.

Dr. Harish Malik: Please Schedule Your 10 min FREE Phone Call to learn more about ELITE TUTORING SERVICE 

Location: Kingwood, Houston, TX. 

Please call 803-493-5573 to schedule your Tutoring Session. 

Hourly Fee $250.00

Watch Elite Tutoring Service Launch YouTube Video:


Dear Elite Tutoring Service Customer,

I invite you to explore Elite Tutoring Service and schedule your First Free 10 min Phone call with me to learn more about RLA and FIDR tutoring Sessions which are available in over 50 subjects. These tutoring sessions are available both in-person in Kingwood, Houston, TX and online via Skype for distant learners.


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Hope to hear from you soon!


Dr. Harish Malik (Online Health Expert)


Phone Number: 803-493-5573

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