Elite Tutoring Service's "Teaching Philosophy"

Dr. Harish Malik's Teaching Philosophy:

I believe in a lifelong learning and teaching process. As an Educator, I have utilized an andragogical method employing the Socratic Method in an ethically evaluative manner.

I believe that teaching should be student centered - individualized in a guided, flexible, relaxed and safe environment, and adapted to the student's learning style. In the process the student must be able to grow in a multidimensional manner and become capable of critical thinking, analysis and be able to "think outside the box."

A teacher must possess the requisite knowledge, comprehension, application, analytical, synthesizing and evaluation skills pertaining to the subject at hand in order to impart a quality education to students.

The process of teaching must utilize the latest technology available which must be suited to the student needs and learning styles. The teacher must constantly stay updated with the use of technology like the use of smart boards, smartphones, 3-D holograms, online means of teaching like video conferencing, etc.

All forms of communication between the teacher and the students must be guided by a set of moral and ethical standards. The communication process must utilize effective listening strategies, effective speaking, and non-verbal forms of communication keeping in mind the individual and group dynamics and the role of cultural awareness.

A teacher must be aware of each student's learning style - visual, auditory, kinesthetic, global, detail, environmental or mixed and utilize adaptive teaching styles suited to their style.

A teacher must be well versed in stress management, conflict resolution, and be prompt to address any fears or concerns that the students might have. Legal aspects of education must be kept in mind at all times.

"To teach is to touch a life forever." Keeping this in mind, I believe that every teacher must be highly motivated, must be knowledgeable, skilled and thorough professional who must strive for perfection.

Being an educator, I have constantly striven to "hold true" to my teaching philosophy outlined above and I plan to be a motivating educator and learner in all my future endeavors.

Good luck, thank you and I hope to hear from you soon,


Dr. Harish Malik.

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