USMLE Step 2 CS (Updated 08/06/2012)

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USMLE Step 2 CS is a Standardized Patient-Based Exam designed to evaluate the competency in the Bed-Side Manners, English Communication Skills, Cultural Awareness, and Clinical Skills - History and Physical (including telephone patient encounters, caregiver or family encounters), Diagnostic, Clinical Decision Making, Evaluation and Management skills, and Computerized Documentation skills using Standard EMR/EHR (Patient Note) of 4th year U.S. Medical students and International Medical Graduates before starting a Medical/Surgical Residency in the United States.  

The time provided for each encounter is 15 minutes and 10 minutes for Patient Note. 

The three areas that are evaluated and scored separately need to be passed independently in order to pass the USMLE Step 2 CS. These areas include: Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE), Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS), and Spoken English Proficiency (SEP).

It is only administered in the U.S. in the following 5 cities:

1) Philadelphia,

2) Atlanta,

3) Chicago,

4) Los Angeles, and

5) Houston.

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